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Ramos Grosh Real Estate


Sales and Marketing


Tel: 323-710-1331

Bryan Grosh is a marketing expert and has been involved with public names such as KRLA, Ovation Medical and the like.  His true passion is sales, marketing and real estate; which make this his ideal job.  Bryan is the vital key to making your buying and selling experience a success.  

Please contact Bryan at 323-710-1331 to sit down and discuss how we can address your real estate needs and get started.

Spring Valley, NV.

"We enjoyed working with Bryan from the beginning all the way to the end of our home sale. He took time to explain all the things we needed to know prior to closing. Highly recommended if you're looking for a professional realtor."

Los Angeles, CA

"I don’t know of anyone who is more committed to real estate than Bryan. If you’re looking for someone who will  get your property sold, Bryan should be your 1st choice."
Miguel Arechavaleta
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